Satellite phones vs Mobile phones: communication systems for mining & exploration industry

What is a satellite phone? What are its functions? Satellite phones, or also known as sat phones works essentially like a mobile phone. Just like your cell phone, sat phones can send and receive messages and calls. In fact, they even look like each other too closely and if you put them aside together, you won’t even know which is which.

Satellite communication systems for mining & exploration industryAside from the fact that the mobile phones that we’re using these days have many features and apps, the main difference between a sat phone and a mobile phone is on the way they transmit and receive signals – a mobile phone connects to terrestrial cell sites in order to transmit data while a sat phone relies on the artificial satellites that orbits around the world.

Since satellite phones do not rely on terrestrial cell sites or traditional landline towers, they are the best devices to use for people who work in areas that are located in remote locations such as in construction and mining camps. In such areas, mobile phones are unable to make or receive calls so they use sat phones instead. (visit to learn more about satellite communications for mining industries)

Aside from miners, satellite phones are also used by reporters, military and other people who work on the field. Thanks to satellite communication, communications becomes possible even for those living in remote areas. Read more at


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