SEO services in Australia: 4 Tips to Keep You Going in 2014

With Google’s rapid update on its algorithm every now and then, Search Engine Optimisation specialists are staggering more than ever to avoid being penalised. One wrong move in your website and your SEO strategy will go bust. Hence, it only makes sense that you focus on what works for Google, not go against the search giant. Or, seek help from SEO Perth by Perth SEO Company and let them handle the work for you.

seo services in Australia

As 2014 is almost midway, it’s time to reflect on some SEO tips that will keep you going all throughout.  Read on!

  • Spammy guest blogging is now a no-no. Take Matt Cutts broadcast about guest blogging seriously or be ready to get penalised. While guest posting still plays a big role in SEO, it has been redefined. It is no longer about getting links but rather publishing contents relevant to your audience that will help you build your reputation and enhance brand awareness. In other words, stop spammy guest blogging with low-quality contents.
  • Dive into the social media craze. The study of Shareaholic revealed that social media, with Facebook headlining it, has become a major factor for content distribution and website traffic. This is not surprising considering how end users are crazy about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These online platforms will help you introduce your contents to your target market easier and drive visitors to your website, especially if you know what it takes to generate clicks and likes.
  • Be serious with your content marketing. Content marketing is still huge and seems like, forever will be. Google has made it clear that SEOs should focus on high quality contents with relevant and solid keyword research. It’s time that you make your marketing strategy robust and diversified. Start with contents designed for your audience, keep your website alive, build brand awareness and increase authority. Show Google that your content marketing meets their seemingly high standard.
  • Stop optimised anchors. In the past, optimised anchors have withstood time. However, it is no longer the case. Gone are the days that you work on anchor text to rank keywords. In 2014 and probably beyond, the name of the game is to use anchors that are safe including branded URLs, naked URLs and long phrases.

No website will survive unless we follow what Google commands. More so, staying with a solid and clean SEO tactic will get you prepared for the next update in search engine’s algorithm. On the other hand, experts are always on the track about the latest changes in the search engine industry. Read more at


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